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Performance Improvement

Our clients measure performance improvement in terms of profitability, revenue and asset values. To achieve performance improvement we develop strategies and implement plans in Strategic Management, Financial Management and Operations Management.

The initial review of a business will use the Bishop Chase Edge 4 dimensional Technology© or Edge 4d© to:
  • Rapidly assess a business
  • Construct a balanced real time view across the whole company
  • Create an understanding of the relative impact on each department
  • Plot the performance of each department
The results of the Edge 4d© are utilised in the following areas.

Strategic Management
  • Align strategic initiatives with operational capabilities, the competitive landscape, funding and resource availability
  • Prioritise strategic initiatives
  • Develop and implement strategies for non-core assets or under-performing business units
  • Develop and implement reporting, governance, audit and measurement systems
  • Risk Management

Financial Management

Edge 4d© obtains financial data based in fact rather than balance sheet estimates. This allows us to undertake fact based analysis in consultation with key management and stakeholders.

The reviews are comprehensive and can cover:
  • Capital raising
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Historical and forecasted financial performance
  • Revenue and margin enhancement opportunities
  • Fixed and variable cost control initiatives
  • Investment plans, if appropriate
  • A capital structure that supports the company
  • Cash and working capital performance
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and industry benchmarks

Operational Management

Edge 4d© develops a series of time based options and action plans covering short, medium and long term objectives that will enhance performance.

Our work can include an assessment and implementation of plans in the areas of:
  • Labour productivity and utilisation
  • Sales and marketing functions
  • Manufacturing and supply chain analysis
  • Logistics optimisation
  • Inventory management systems
  • Sourcing and supplier management
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Management reporting systems
  • Operational risk management

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