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Corporate Turnaround and Renewal

The First (Change) Stage of the Turnaround Process begins once you decide change is necessary.

The Bishop Chase Edge 4 dimensional Technology© or Edge 4d© is a sure-fire way to get to this point by:
  • Rapidly assessing a business
  • Constructing a balanced real time view across the whole company
  • Presenting findings in a way that facilitates informed decision making
  • Arming directors, shareholders and debt holders with the knowledge to confidently plot the way forward
Edge 4d© also lays the foundation for the Second (Analysing) and Third (Implementing) Stages of the Turnaround Process by:
  • Developing a series of time based options and action plans covering short, medium and long term objectives
  • Creating an understanding of the relative impact on each of the departments
Edge 4d© can diagnose root causes of poor performance, develop actionable solutions and programs, and execute against measurable performance objectives.

Our approach combines the experience and skill of industry executives with in-depth financial, operational and strategic knowledge. We are able to build credibility with a hands-on approach to solving performance, operational, financial and strategic issues.

Some engagements require Bishop Chase Consulting to be positioned as a CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer).

The initial processes may include one or more of the following:
  • Bishop Chase Edge 4 dimensional Technology© review
  • Crisis management, usually involving leadership team, creditors, debt and equity holders, suppliers and staff
  • Cash management, possibly asset reduction and short-term financing
  • Stakeholder management, including debt and equity providers, suppliers, customers, management and staff
  • Balance sheet restructuring and profit optimisation
Having a third party involved reassures creditors, debt and equity holders, and investors that the company is taking important steps to address issues and seek improved outcomes for all parties.

The key benefits that Bishop Chase Consulting provide are:
  • Access to a highly experienced leadership team that is focussed and aligned with your outcome goals
  • Skilled stakeholder management that can handle complex, often contentious, multiparty negotiations in time sensitive situations
  • Strategic planning, so that options can be discussed and actioned
  • Improvement of a company’s balance sheet, cash flows, revenue and budgeting

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