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Business Transformation

Bishop Chase Consulting helps analyse, operate, turnaround and grow companies on behalf of management, shareholders and creditors.

The Bishop Chase Edge 4 dimensional Technology© or Edge 4d© is utilised in our primary engagement with companies to:
  • Rapidly assess a business
  • Plot the performance of each department
  • Develop a series of time based options and action plans covering short, medium and long term objectives
  • Equip directors, shareholders and debt holders with the knowledge to confidently plot the way forward
We generally work within the business, applying exceptional leadership skills and executive management experience.

Our engagements typically encompass strategic, financial and operational management in businesses impacted by structural, market or people changes.

Solutions provided to clients are varied and far reaching, including:
  • Business restructuring
  • Leadership structures
  • Financial Management including Capital and Asset utilisation
  • Operational Management including Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Personnel
Some engagements require us to be placed in an interim leadership or business management position or to assume an ongoing support role. Bishop Chase Consulting provides people on the ground for non-local fund managers and international business owners.

Our solutions are achieved through the alignment of organisational structure, systems, resources and people. Most specifically we target areas such as:
  • Improving earnings
  • Increasing cash flow
  • Enhancing profitability
  • Reducing the cost base / improved budgeting
  • Increasing executive and management effectiveness
  • Aligning the strategy with the company structure
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Improving stakeholder engagement
  • Creating a performance culture
  • Optimizing capital structures

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