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Bishop Chase Consulting supports and manages businesses by providing exceptional leadership and management experience. Our team of senior industry and restructuring specialists work within companies to stabilise, re-build and transform them.

We will analyse, operate, turnaround and grow companies on behalf of management, shareholders and creditors.

Bishop Chase Consulting has developed a proprietary technology called Bishop Chase Edge 4 dimensional Technology© or Edge 4d©, utilising proven business analysis and business management models.

Edge 4d© is utilised in our primary engagements with companies and allows us to:
  • Rapidly assess a business
  • Construct a balanced real time view across the whole company
  • Develop a series of time based options and action plans covering short, medium and long term objectives
  • Arm directors, shareholders and debt holders with the knowledge to confidently plot the way forward
We generally work from within the business, applying exceptional leadership skills and executive management experience.

Our engagements typically encompass strategic, financial and operational management in businesses impacted by structural, market or people changes.

As required by projects, we provide hands-on support and advice, interim leadership (CEO, CFO, senior specialist management), or longer-term management solutions.

Our people build trust and credibility with all stakeholders, ensuring tangible benefits occur quickly in all engagements.

Solutions provided to clients are varied and include:
  • Business restructuring
  • Leadership structures
  • Financial Management including Capital and Asset utilisation
  • Operational Management including Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Inventory and People Management
We also provide “people on the ground” for international fund managers and international business owners and investors.

We have a track record in:

Developing and implementing practical and commercial solutions in time and resource constrained environments. At Bishop Chase Consulting we manage and resolve complex and critical situations involving multiple financial, operational and management stakeholders.

Our services focus on:
  • Business Transformation
  • Corporate Turnaround and Renewal
  • Performance Improvements

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